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Get Pumped To Save Money & Time At The Gas Pump

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Gas prices are not the highest we have ever seen, which is always a good thing but it is always good when you can still save cash at the pump. That is exactly what plenty of people are doing using their smartphones to save money and time while filling up their gas tanks.

Mom and Broward business owner Ana Jarquin has made more than $300 in the last 10 months by just filling up her gas tank.

"So the gas station we were at now went up to 18 cents.  It was 15 originally," Jarquin explains as she clicks on her phone.

Back in February, she heard about the GetUpside app and immediately downloaded it. The app lists hundreds of gas stations to choose from. You fill up at any one and that's it.  Money goes right back into your pocket.

"Since I do run a business and I have more than one driver at home and the way we travel it's always nice to save gas," says Jarquin. And the way prices are going right now, every little bit helps."

Jorge Camaraza runs "Neighborhood Fuel" a Miami business that delivers gas to people while they work.  Like they do with Ariel Vega who works at an office building in Doral.

"It's been great," Vega says, smiling.

Vega has been using Neighborhood Fuel for about a month now and says it has changed his life.

"It has been very invaluable because not having to go to the gas station has saved me so much time," he says.  "Just last Friday I had to get to a quick show I had to do and I didn't have to stop.  I could get there right on time."

"We do save you time and we do save you money.  We're typically either 10 cents lower or higher," Neighborhood Fuel's Camaraza explains.  "Depending on where the gasoline fluctuates on a daily basis.  We do believe that you save not only money but you also save time, which is also money."

People who live in the Green and Blue Diamond Condominiums in Miami Beach also fuel up without ever touching their car.

Like Neighborhood Fuel, GasMob delivers to the condominium residents at night and business offices during the day.  Again, time is money, especially when you consider gas prices on Miami Beach are higher than on the mainland.

"The efficiency we wanna give back to our consumers and something they're gonna see over time is they don't really realize how much time they spend at the pump," says GasMob owner Brannon Thompson.  "You know, the average commuter spends about 15 minutes at each fill up.  You add that up over the course of a year you're looking at about 26 to 33 hours."

Property manager Mandy Souto says recently partnering with the fuel delivery company was a no-brainer. The people who live there love it.

"It was one of the easiest agreements to approve," Souto said.  "A lot of feedback, all positive.  So far it's been an amazing, added amenity to our community."

If saving time and money is not enough to convince you, maybe also saving the environment is.

"We don't keep fuel underground like gas stations.  Especially in South Florida where we're at sea level," said Camaraza.  "Our fuel is picked up every day directly from the terminal and brought straight to you.  We have much more control over the quality of our tanks. We keep them inspected."

All the perks you can think of and none of the hassle are all just a quick click away.

Click the links for more information on the GetUpside, Neighborhood Fuel and GasMob apps for your phone.

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