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Fort Lauderdale Mother, Son In Hospital After Dog Attack

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Blood covered the driveway of a family's home near Fort Lauderdale after witnesses said a dog attacked a mother and son on Saturday.

Neighbors said it happened as the child was riding his bike in his driveway.

"The dog basically came running right down the block and jumped on the little guy's bike," said Larry Szpyra.

Neighbors said the 9-year-old boy did nothing to provoke the dog.

"(The dog) just came zipping down the street started biting at him, chewing at them, barking at him, so the mother came out and tried to separate them. The gentleman next to the house came over and tried to separate them did a real good job, but the dog kept going back for little guy," said Szpyra.

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Ramona Watts is a friend of the family she identified the victims as 35-year-old Grace Jean Baptiste and Her 9-year-old son Shamar. She went to see them at the hospital

"There was blood everywhere. It was dried blood all over her. It was on her face and the nurse told me it was possibly squirting from her shoulder. She got bit on her shoulder and her leg that's why she had dried blood on her face," said Watts.

Watts added she didn't realize the severity of the situation until she arrived at her friend's house and saw all the blood.

"It's everywhere," she said. "That's when reality kicked in that, whoa, this is really serious."

She said both the mother and son were expected to undergo surgery.

Dani Moschella with the Broward Sheriff's Office said the dog is a pit bull mix and was seized by animal control.

The dog lived down the street, according to investigators.

No one answered the door at that home when a CBS4 News  crew knocked Saturday night.

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