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Former Monkee Davy Jones Celebrated In Small-Town Concert

BEAVERTOWN, PA (CBSMiami) - If you want to celebrate the life of Monkees lead singer Davy Jones, who died last month at his Indiantown horse farm, you might want to consider taking the last train to Beavertown. That's the little Pennsylvania town where he spent much of his time. They are planning a memorial concert Saturday.

Only a few hundred people live in the small community, which Jones said reminded him of his native England. He was a part of the community, Mayor Cloyd Wagner said, which is why he and a Pennsylvania Monkees fan are helping to organize Saturday's musical tribute.

It won't exactly be Woodstock. A few hundred people are expected to turn out, but even so, "This is a tidal wave," Wagner said. "Our population is going to double."

Jones died Feb. 29 at his farm of a heart attack but spent much of his time in Beavertown, about 150 miles northwest of Philadelphia. He settled on a 15-acre spread on the edge of town two decades ago, enjoying relative anonymity while keeping horses.

Jones had trained to be a jockey before finding stardom, first on the stage, then as a member of the Monkees.

Jones was just someone you'd run into at the post office, Wagner said.

Next-door neighbor Carol Wickard said Jones was a kind man who helped the community — once making a donation to keep the town's library open.

"When it was down, he helped this town," Wickard said.

A Facebook page for the event has more than 450 people promising to attend.

Wagner says he's a little worried about crowd control, even though it'll hardly be a rowdy event.

There has been discussion of a memorial service in Florida, where Jones had his farm and a Condo in Hollywood, but nothing has materialized.

There will be no funeral; the former Monkee was cremated, friends said.

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