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Former Dolphins Player Mark Walton Has Aggravated Battery Charge Dismissed

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The last time we saw former Miami Dolphins player Mark Walton leaving jail, he skipped his way out and over to a waiting car.  Now, he's no longer facing charges of aggravated battery against his pregnant girlfriend, which he shares another child with too.

"It was the conclusion of Mark Walton's case here in Broward County and the charges were dismissed by the state," said Michael Gottlieb, Walton's attorney.

Gottlieb represented Walton in the case where he's accused of shoving and punching his pregnant girlfriend in their home in Davie last November.

In a memo closing out the case, prosecutors say they could prove "...the defendant had clearly lied to police about his whereabouts that evening."

But the case took a turn when the girlfriend sent an email to the state attorney's office saying, "Hi, I will not like to proceed with the case."

She later told prosecutors "...she didn't want to deal with this case and would not cooperate or testify against the defendant."  She said it added "...stress to her pregnancy..."

That's when the state decided not to prosecuting saying, "Although the state can prove the defendant lied...state is unable to satisfy its burden..."

"Mark is a young guy. He's had some troubles but they're all behind him. And I think that he could and should be given the opportunity to move forward in life," Gottlieb said.

Walton has been arrested several times, but it was the aggravated battery charge that prompted the Miami Dolphins to cut him from the team. His attorney said Walton is hoping to play again now that the case is not being prosecuted.

"I know he continues to work out, he continues to train.  He's looking forward and is focused on playing football," Gottlieb said. "He's a great player. I think he has a lot he can add to the team and the South Florida area.  I'd like to see him playing back with the Dolphins."

If this case had gone to court and Walton was convicted, he could have faced up to 15 years in prison.


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