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Flyers-Lightning game forced to temporarily pause after partial power outage at Wells Fargo Center

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) -- A partial power outage at the Wells Fargo Center forced the Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning game to temporarily pause on Tuesday night.

"During tonight's Flyers-Lightning game, the Wells Fargo Center experienced a partial power outage to limited sections of the arena, which caused a brief pause in game action. We are working to restore power to the affected areas," Phil Laws, the Wells Fargo Center president, wrote in a statement.

Lights eventually went back on in the arena.

With the Flyers leading 1-0 and 13:43 remaining in the first period, a section of the building lost power and the game was stopped.

The emergency lighting remained on, as did the lighting in about 75 of the building. After a nine-minute delay, the teams were instructed to resume play in lower lighting than usual. The end of the rink where Tampa Bay was shooting was a bit darker than the rest of the rink.

With the scoreboard also not working, the clock was being managed manually.

Bobby Brink, recalled from the minors earlier Tuesday, scored 2:22 into the first period for the Flyers.

The partial power outage shocked fans in the building.

Graham Foley, who was at the game, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, pictures from the concourse that was practically in the dark. 

"This is pretty spooky though," he wrote.

Despite the power partially going out, fans at the Center didn't stop cheering for the Flyers.

Devan Kaney, a host for SportsRadio WIP who also works as the in-arena host for the Flyers, posted a video on X of fans chanting "Let's go Flyers," amid the partial outage. 

"Lights are out but morale is still strong at the Wells Fargo Center," Kaney wrote on X.

The Flyers even had some fun on X during the partial outage. 

Earlier in the day, the team posted a hype video with the caption "Bring the electricity" only for the lights to turn out hours later at the Wells Fargo Center.

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