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'Don't F--- With Me': Florida Woman Pulls Gun Defending Her Right To Feed Stray Cats

ORANGE COUNTY (CBSMiami) -- A Florida woman is in jail after police say she pulled a gun on another woman who complained about her feeding stray cats in an Orange County neighborhood.

Lisa Saunders, 55, is charged with Aggravated Assault with a Firearm and remains in jail on $10,000 bond, according to court records.

Saunders was arrested after reportedly threatening another woman who had repeatedly complained to police and the Orange County Animal Control department about Saunders.

Lisa Saunders Mug Shot
Lisa Saunders booking photo (Source: Orange County Jail)

The victim told authorities she saw Saunders park her car in the neighborhood and leave cat food out on the sidewalk.

When the woman confronted Saunders and asked her to stop feeding the cats because it was attracting sick cats, Saunders replied by pulling out a handgun from her vehicle and saying, "Don't f--- with me," authorities said.

Authorities said Saunders then got back into her vehicle and drove away.

Police said the victim told them Saunders had been feeding the cats for the past few months and she was worried children in the neighborhood would get scabies from the sick animals.

According to police, animal control services tried to trap the sick cats, but was unable to because Saunders would feed the cats away from the traps.

The victim identified Saunders as someone who delivered pizza from a local Domino's.

The Domino's store manager confirmed her identity and said she has been feeding stray cats for the past two years.

She was taken into custody and booked into the Orange County Jail on April 4.

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