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Florida Woman Facing Possible HOA Fines For Taking In Bahamian Friend Displaced By Hurricane Dorian

TEQUESTA (CBSMiami) – A Florida woman is facing possible fines from her homeowner's association after letting a long-time family friend displaced by Hurricane Dorian stay in her home.

Teena Lavalvo says she let her friend stay with her because they had nowhere else to go.

She also let seven other Bahamians who lost their homes stay at her house for just one night.

Now, her HOA is threatening fines if her friend doesn't find another place to live.

"I do not understand how this association, or any other community, wouldn't have empathy for the fact that we were going through a very short period of transition," she said.

Lavalvo faces a fine of $100 a day if she can't find a home for them by this week.

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