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Florida Senator Rick Scott calls Trump indictment 'all political'

MIAMI - Senator Rick Scott welcomed cameras to a press conference he called to talk about former President Donald Trump's federal indictment Monday.  However, he took aim at President Joe Biden.

"I've read the indictment (against former president Trump) but this is not about that," Sen. Scott said.  "This is about equal protection under the last and equal justice under the law."

Surrounded by members of Miami's latin American community, Sen. Scott said the indictment was politically motivated.  He blamed President Joe Biden.

"What it looks like to the American public is the fact that Joe Biden is taking the opportunity as president using his department of justice to target his number one opponent," Sen. Scott said.  "By the way it's not just Donald Trump (the Justice Department has) gone after.  They've gone after pro-life groups.  They've gone after parents.  They've gone after catholic groups.  So this has to stop."

In a 37 count indictment unsealed Friday, prosecutors accuses the former president of taking top secret documents without authority, showing them to people who lacked clearance and the document also alleges Trump obstructed investigators and provided false statements.

On Fox News, Trump's former Attorney General Bill Barr minced few words.

"This idea of presenting Trump as a victim here or a victim of a witch hunt is ridiculous," Barr said Sunday during his appearance on Fox News.

However, members of Miami's Latin American community who flanked Senator Scott and shared stories of dictators squashing political opponents in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua compared Trump's prosecution to their experiences.

A CBS News poll found 76% of likely Republican primary voters believe the indictment against former president Trump is politically motivated.  Senator Scott called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to apply law fairly.  When asked his feelings about the indictment and if he cared about its contents, Scott said Garland should do a thorough investigation of Hillary Clinton and share all findings.

"That's not happening," Sen. Scott said.

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