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Florida Sees Additional 3,208 Cases Of COVID-19 in 24 Hours, Sets New Record

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Florida has reported its biggest jump yet in new COVID-19 cases.

On Thursday, the state's health department reported an additional 3,208 cases in a 24 hour period bringing the total to 85,926. There were an additional 43 deaths, bringing the total to 3,061.

Total hospital admissions for COVID-19 cases are now at 12,577. The state's overall percentage of positive tests was 5.7 percent.

In Miami-Dade, there were an additional 581 cases for a total of 23,854 cases. The county also saw an increase of nine deaths bringing the total to 859 deaths. The overall percentage of positive tests is 9.5 percent.

In Broward, there were an additional 14 cases bringing the tally to 9,826 cases. There were 5 additional deaths for a total of 365 deaths. Its percentage of positive tests is 6.5 percent.

Monroe saw an increase of nine cases, bringing its total to 146 cases. There were no additional deaths. Its percentage of positive tests is 3.3 percent.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has said the upward trend in confirmed cases is mostly a reflection of more testing being conducted combined with some spikes in some agriculture communities, but the number of tests conducted daily peaked three weeks ago and the percentage of positive tests is nearly 6%, more than double the rate of 2.3% in late May.

Before they reopened, Mickey Byrne's Irish Pub in Hollywood had all their workers tested for the coronavirus.

"We did our best to know everyone was clear. We are gonna do it again. It shows our customers we take it seriously," said owner Mark Rowe.

Rowe is also keeping a close eye on the troubling spike in Florida coronavirus cases.

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This week thousands of new positive cases have been reported with the total number of cases topping 86,000 statewide.

"If the worst happens we might have to close temporarily," Rowe said.

No one wants to see another shutdown in South Florida, but there are worries with the numbers.

Going in the wrong direction, Florida could become a new ground zero.

"It all depends on what people do," said FIU infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Mary Jo Trepka.

Trepka is a former director at the Miami-Dade Health Department and says people need to continue practicing social distancing and wearing protective masks whenever they go out.

She says some of the contributing factors to the spike maybe the recent reopenings, children out.

Of school and the memorial holiday "I'm concerned about it and the number of people going to the emergency room with COVID symptoms," she says.

"Even though the situation isn't as bad as March, people at higher risk should avoid other people," she added.

More people are getting tested.

That's a piece of the numbers puzzle too.

On Thursday, we found sunbathers at Hollywood beach practicing social distancing.

Kevin and Kristen George say they are being careful to avoid being infected.

But acknowledge beachgoers are more relaxed recently when it comes to the recommended safety guidelines.

"We came here Sunday and it was packed. People close together so we left," said Kevin George.

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