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Florida Mother "lucky to be alive" after car drops from overpass onto her SUV

PALM BEACH GARDENS - A Florida mother of two said she feels lucky to be alive after a car fell off an overpass and landed directly on top of her SUV.

"All of a sudden, my roof caved in in the back of the truck. The truck shook," said Angie Lewis. "And then I realized a car had come off the 95 onramp and landed on us."

Lewis had been driving west on PGA Boulevard and was stopped at a traffic light by the onramps for I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Shortly after she stopped, the car landed on top of her.

She said it sounded like an explosion.

"I thought maybe a bomb went off or somebody rammed into the stopped cars," Lewis said. "I thought maybe the bridge collapsed."

Then she saw the black Mercedes and realized it had fallen from the overpass.

Palm Beach Gardens police said the car was being driven by a juvenile who was trying to get away from officers.

Investigators said the boy took the curve too fast and fell off the side and onto Lewis' Yukon Denali.

"It was chaos. There were parts all over the road," Lewis told sister station WPBF. "It was like a movie, a scene out of a movie. But I was living it."

Somehow, nobody was injured.

The back half of Lewis' roof had collapsed onto the rear seats. Nobody was sitting there at the time.

However, those are the seats where her young daughters always sit when they're with her.

"It comes in waves," Lewis said. "I think about it. I cry because it's her seat that got demolished, and had she been there, she may not be here now."

Lewis said she felt lucky her girls weren't in the vehicle and lucky she wasn't parked just a few feet farther back.

"When I think about what could have happened, I didn't sleep last night," she said. "My heart was racing. I couldn't breathe. But we're here."

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