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'You Gotta Smoke A Bowl With Me Please': Florida Man Invites Police To Smoke Pot While Showing Off His Marijuana Plant

BUNNELL, Fla. (CBSMiami/CNN) – A Florida man is under arrest after proudly showing off his marijuana plant to police and even inviting them to 'smoke a bowl' with him.

It happened in the town of Bunnell, on the east coast of Florida between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Deputies say Arthur Carracino was wearing a blue speedy, a button down shirt and smoking pot when they arrived to check out another incident, and he called them over in order to show them his 2-foot-tall marijuana plant on his property.

The whole scene was recorded the police body-cam of a Flagler County Sheriff's officer.

On the video, the officer asks Carracino, "Do you have a marijuana card?"

He replies, "Oh. Yeah. Yeah I do. I'm working on it. [LAUGHTER] I have the card [BLEEP] Come on guys, let's talk."

The officer asks, "Is that your plant?"

Carracino: "Yeah."

Officer: "Did you grow it? What did you give it, water? Miracle Grow?"

Carracino: "I thought it was gonna be easy going out to California and learning how to grow pot. The indica strain, the sativa strain ... and oh boy, you're looking right as the smallest crystals. [unclear] you gotta smoke a bowl with me please."

Officer: "Like ... I can't."

Carracino: "I know, you're on duty."


As Carracino walks away, the officer asks, "Where are you going?"

Carracino: "Off to get my pipe.


Officer: "You know what's going on right now?"

Carracino: "Yes."

Officer: "What's going on right now?"

Carracino: "It's morning not afternoon. Two o'clock in the [BLEEP] morning."

Officer: "It's about 2:45 in the morning now."

Carracino: "OK I need a cup of Starbucks. Anywhere local we can get one?"

Officer: "We can't unfortunately. All right? But you are - no, stay out dog - you are being placed under arrest."

Carracino: "For?"

Officer: "For growing marijuana. OK?"

Carracino: "Oh yeah."

Officer: "That's that's against the law in Florida."

Carracino: "Yeah."

Officer: "OK."

While smoking medical marijuana in Florida is legal, growing marijuana on one's property is not.

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