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Florida Lottery has new line-up of games for GROUPER and GROUPER Super Sampler

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TALLAHASSEE - For lottery players who can't decide which games to play, the Florida Lottery makes it easy with two bundled options - the GROUPER and the GROUPLER Super Sample.

That's grouper as in games being grouped together in a single package and not the fish.

On Tuesday, the Florida Lottery announced they are now offering an enhanced series of games in each package.

In the GROUPER package, players get six dollars worth of tickets for just five bucks. The games included in the GROUPER are:

  • $1 CASH POP Quick Pick ticket
  • $1 FANTASY 5 Quick Pick ticket
  • $2 FLORIDA LOTTO Quick Pick ticket
  • $1 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY Quick Pick ticket
  • Bonus: Free $1 PICK 4 Str/Box Quick Pick ticket

Those who want to take it to the next level can get the all-new GROUPER Super Sampler, offering 10 ways to win big for only $10. Enjoy $12 worth of tickets, featuring:

  • $1 FANTASY 5 Quick Pick ticket
  • $2 CASH4LIFE Quick Pick ticket
  • $2 POWERBALL Quick Pick ticket
  • $2 MEGA MILLIONS Quick Pick ticket
  • $3 FLORIDA LOTTO with a Double Play Quick Pick ticket
  • Bonus: Free $2 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY with Combo™ Quick Pick ticket

Players purchase their GROUPER or GROUPER Super Sampler at stores that sell lottery tickets or buy them at a Florida Lottery vending machine. The terminal will print individual Quick Pick tickets for the next available drawings.

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