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Expert: Florida Gender Dysphoria Guidelines 'Do More Damage When Trying To Protect Children'

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Florida Department of Health released guidelines on gender dysphoria in children and adolescents. The U.S. surgeon general and medical professionals are at odds with these guidelines.

The state says current evidence does not support the use of puberty blockers, hormone treatment, or surgical procedures for children and adolescents.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said that every patient you encounter should feel valued and safe. He says the LGBTQ community is not feeling that way.

"Many of them are not feeling like they are of value, that they are respected and that they are cared for they are in fact feeling threatened by recent rules and legislation that has been passed in various parts of the country."

Dr. Natasha Poulopoulos a pediatric psychologist says that information cited in the memo was not factually correct – and does more damage when trying to protect children.

"The last article that they sight, it's actually an opinion piece so there's no data, there's no analysis that goes into this. And it's a very big claim to make particularly when we know that gender-affirming care saves lives for kids."

Pouloupoulos says that this statement, "80% of those seeking clinical care will lose their desire to identify with their non-birth sex, is inaccurate."

"We have experts that focus in these areas and study child development and they have created guidelines and medical guidelines for youths specifically who are transgender."

The guideline states that children and adolescents should be provided social support from family friends and seek counseling.

"We let science and medicine guide us, that we consider the impact these measures have on LGBTQ youth who by the way have a significantly higher rate in suicide and mental health concerns."

"I think it's very reckless that we have politicians making claims about who we will and will not be treating and how."

Dr. Poulopoulos also stated the gender-affirming care saves lives and that children become aware of their gender identity between 3 and 5 years old.

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