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Florida Everglades: Airboat Rides For A Once In A Lifetime Experience

You're grinning ear-to-ear as the wind blows back your hair and the sunshine warms your face. Zipping across shallow water in a flat-bottomed boat you pass Cyprus trees, wading birds and vegetation dotting the shoreline twisted together in amazing patterns. Your boat slows and it's quiet as you pan the landscape. Suddenly the water starts to ripple and in a split second, the alligators appear. One at first, then two, peeking out from under the water's surface. You lock eyes and wonder if this amazing animal knows why you're here. Slowly you reach for your camera as a hawk swoops in to steal a fish before darting toward the clouds directly over your head. You're in the Florida Everglades having the time of your life on an incredible airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park!

Iconic Images You'll Treasure Forever

The Florida Everglades is a world famous destination, home to some of the most breathtaking images. With over 2,000 unique plants and animals (many of them endangered or rare), journeying through the wetlands is an experience unlike any other. At every turn, there's something magical to discover- a pink Spoonbill in search of food, a Great Egret stretching its long, graceful neck or a soft shell turtle sunbathing on shore. Of course, there are plenty of animals under the water as well and an airboat ride through the Everglades is almost certain to bring you up close and personal with the ecosystems best-known reptile, the American alligator.

An International Treasure

Native Floridians are fortunate to live so close to the largest subtropical wilderness in North America and folks visit from all over the world to explore the Everglades. Luckily, planning a visit to Everglades Holiday Park is easy and venturing through the wetlands on an airboat ride is an incredible opportunity to see firsthand how amazing nature can be. An international treasure, the Everglades is recognized worldwide for its extraordinary wildlife- plants, birds, mammals and reptiles coexist peacefully in the tropical environment they call home. The alligator is a common site at Everglades Holiday Park, but with over 50 different types of reptiles you're likely to see tropical snakes, iguanas, lizards even snapping turtles on your Everglades airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park.

Get Ready for Even More Thrills After Your Airboat Ride at Everglades Holiday Park

When your hour-long airboat ride through the Everglades ends, brace yourself for even more excitement. All airboat tickets at Everglades Holiday Park come with a complementary live alligator presentation performed by the Gator Boys of Animal Planet fame. A family-friendly event, the show is filled with information, tricks and a few dangerous stunts in the park's famous "Gator Pit". A terrific way to entertain an adventurous group, a day at Everglades Holiday Park is pure excitement for the whole family!

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