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Fidel Castro Grew Up Surrounded By Siblings

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fidel Castro grew up surrounded by siblings, some from his parents and some from his father's first marriage. And just like many other Cubans, some members of Castro's family fled after the revolution and settled in South Florida.

In a rare 1980's family photo, Fidel Castro Ruz posed with some of his siblings.

They are his older brother Ramon, his youngest sister Augustina, his sister Emma, younger brother Raul and half-sister Lydia, one of two children from their father's first marriage.

Missing from that that photo was his sister Angela, the eldest of the Castro Ruz children and sister Juanita, who left Cuba in 1964 after fallout with Fidel.

"I am not any soldier of your revolution. I am not the kind of people that you can order, and give order and say do this and do that. No, I am a person who is trying to help the revolution, but this is not a revolution, this is nothing, this is garbage," said Juanita in a past interview.

Juanita Castro went into exile in Miami, where she owned and ran a pharmacy until 2006.

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Of the Castro siblings, oldest brother Ramon bares the closest resemblance to the Cuban leader. A farmer and a cattleman, Ramon was given little power within the Cuban government, although he was named deputy of the National Assembly, Cuba's Parliament.

The real power went to younger brother Raul, who stood by Fidel from the early days of the Cuban revolution. When they led a band of rebels into the Sierra Maestra mountains and waged a guerilla war against the government of Fulgencio Batista.


Not long after Batista's ouster and Fidel Castro's rise to power, Raul became Cuba's number two man.

As the powerful head of Cuba's military, when Fidel underwent surgery in July of 2006, it was Raul to whom Fidel transferred power, and named him acting president.

He survived long enough to see Raul Castro negotiate an agreement with U.S. President Barack Obama to move to restore diplomatic ties for the first time since they were severed in 1961.

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