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FHP Trooper's Car Smeared With Feces

MIAMI ( – Things have really gone into, or in this case, out of the toilet for at least one Florida Highway Patrol trooper's cruiser.

According to the FHP, trooper Joe Sanchez, who was once a Miami City Commissioner, found his patrol car had been vandalized by having what is believed to be human feces spread across his car. Hazmat crews had to clean it up.

The incident happened sometime between 6:45 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. last Saturday morning.

FHP has asked Sanchez not to speak to the media about the incident.

CBS4's Natalia Zea spoke to Sanchez' neighbor Carmelo Guzman about the putrid prank.

"Very bad I don't like to even talk about it," said Guzman. "No decent person could do that."

He said Sanchez did not deserve that kind of attack.

"He is a decent fellow, he has a beautiful family and what anyone did to him; it was very, very ugly."

Speculation is that the incident might have had something to do with the growing inter-agency feud between the FHP and Miami Police.

Just a few weeks ago that a FHP Trooper pulled over and handcuffed a Miami Police officer who was off duty and speeding to a second job in his police cruiser.

Ever since then, a rift has opened up between the two law enforcement agencies.

Zea's sources in law enforcement told her that Miami street cops are furious that FHP pulled over a brother behind a badge.

FHP Union President Bill Smith said Tuesday that he hopes the feces incident wasn't related to the dispute between police.

"I think it's just some disgruntled employees of other agencies, hopefully it's not the City of Miami, I don't know," said Trooper Smith, adding that the incident is still under investigation. At this point no one has been busted for committing the dirty deed.

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