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Family Of Man Shot, Killed By Miami Police Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The family of the man shot and killed earlier this month by a City of Miami Police officer, held a news conference Friday.

Antwon Cooper's family said they viewed the body cam and surveillance footage from the day he was killed, and they are shocked and distraught.

"They shot my son in the head, and he deserves to go to jail. He deserves to go to jail for 35 years. My son would've been 35 next month," said Tilasha Cooper, Antwon Cooper's mother.

"He took my son's life, he's a murderer. He murdered my son!"

Cooper's mom is in excruciating pain after she said her son was shot and killed by a Miami Police sergeant earlier this month during a traffic stop.

Miami Police Chief Manny Morales said they offered their condolences and support to the family and they're continuing to cooperate with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as they conduct their investigation.

"He could've done anything, he shot my son in the head," said Tilasha Cooper.

The family's attorney, Rawsi Williams, said Cooper was pulled over for a traffic stop and when asked for his license, Cooper said he did not have one with him.

Williams said Cooper got out of the car and while patted down, he attempted to run away but was pulled back by his shirt. Eventually, he fell to the ground and that is when he was allegedly shot in the head by the sergeant.

"Arriving on this scene when there is no lethal situation going on when Mr. Cooper is trying to run, he shoots him in the head. I can't emphasize that enough, at close range proximity to do so many other things," said Rawsi Williams, the family's attorney.

"He took my heartbeat. He took it," said Tilasha Cooper.

Williams wants the sergeant fired, arrested, charged and convicted with life in prison.

"Because that's how callous he was about the way he shot this man in the street. That's how nonchalant he was about the way he shot Antwon Cooper in the street. Mr. Cooper never had a chance," said Williams.

The lawsuit they are filing includes wrongful death and excessive force among others.

The Miami PD originally released that he was armed with a handgun, a struggle then ensued and the officer was forced to discharge his gun.

Williams says Cooper was not holding a weapon, or attacking an officer, saying the sergeant used lethal force.

"We've had enough of them killing us," said Williams.

Antwon Cooper's funeral is Saturday.

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