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Alleged Family-Killing Father Described By Son As "Monster"

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - He's a monster; that's what one of William DeJesus sons called him.

DeJesus is accused of stabbing his wife and his two young sons inside a Deerfield Beach RV, leaving his autistic 9-year-old dead.

Neighbors said he also killed the man who lives here, then took his own life.

It's a violent end, to what DCF records show, was a horrific life for his children… including allegations of sexual abuse.

"The mother made the allegations that she and her husband had molested or fondled the children," said DCF Spokesman Joe Follick.

Documents show DeJesus' 7 and 9-year-old sons were briefly taken away after those allegations from his wife, Deanna. She said she participated in the abuse, fearing DeJesus would kill her if she didn't.

She would later retract what she said and that all but killed their case, DCF said.

"When the mother recanted, that took away the most potent argument we had to go before a judge and say these children cannot stay with this family," Follick said.

That's when DCF began to transition the children back home.

At that time, there were more allegations, that during a supervised visit DeJesus was "grabbing both of the children by their crotches" while playing and "kept trying to kiss the children violently."

All of this as documents show investigators had "concern that dad abused his first set of children. Those were kids from a previous relationship.

"Did DCF mess up in this case?" asked CBS4 reporter Ted Scouten.

"I can't categorize things in black and white like that," said Follick.

In the report, investigators said because of the children's young age – the fact that one did not speak, and both are autistic, they could not get confirmation of abuse from them.

But, one called DeJesus a monster and both indicated they were afraid of him.

By December of 2010, DCF was done with the DeJesus family.

Two years later, one child is dead, the other repeatedly stabbed..allegedly at the hands of the father known as a monster.

All of this infuriating to child advocates.

"Unfortunately," said attorney Howard Talenfeld, head of Florida's Children First, "notwithstanding any of these red flags and concerns, the decision was made to return these children into harm's way back to their parents."

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