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Family Doesn't Lose Hope For Daughter Missing 13 Years

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - At 18, Colleen Perris loved to sing. She was Nick and Nancy's only child. But in the fall of 2000, the Perris family was ripped apart.

"She disappeared September 30th of 2000, so we're coming up on the 13th year," said her father Nick Perris.

When Colleen left the house that day, nearly 13 years ago, her parents never imagined their life would turn into such a nightmare. She vanished after getting a cell phone call, leaving behind her belongings and heartbroken parents.

"We have not given up hope!" said her mom Nancy Perris. "We, by no means, have given up hope that she may be one of these found and who knows where."

Nick and Nancy are encouraged when they hear incredible stories like the three girls who turned up alive after missing for years in Cleveland and the Pennsylvania mom who surfaced in the keys after missing for 11 years. But there's sadness too, knowing their child is still missing.

"We're very happy for them," said Nancy, "but you know, what about us? What about our daughter? Where is she?" she said.

"We're waiting for our turn," sighed Nick. "And it just hasn't come."

Colleen's dad is also haunted by thoughts of "what if she is alive" and has been held against her will all these years.

"The thought that she may not have survived that day is disturbing to me," he said, "but the thought that she may have been kidnapped, taken, being held hostage and not being able to help her is something that really, really eats at me on a daily basis."

Nick and Nancy hope that someone will recognize Colleen and make a simple phone call. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age progression photo, of what Colleen may look like now.

As painful as it is, dead or alive, they want to know what happened to girl who completed their family.

"I'll accept what I have to accept what I have to accept," said Nancy. "But I know somebody knows something and I want to know."

If you have information, call Broward Crimestoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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