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Facing South Florida for Nov. 19: 'Warehoused' Judge Speaks Out

Facing South Florida for Nov. 19: ‘Warehoused’ Judge
Facing South Florida for Nov. 19: ‘Warehoused’ Judge 12:44

MIAMI — For the first time, CBS News Miami hears from the judge who sentenced Tristin Murphy to state prison for rolling his pickup into a pond next to the Charlotte County jail. Two months after that sentencing, Tristin killed himself on a prison work detail by taking a chainsaw to his throat.

Tristin's story was the focus of the CBS News Miami documentary, "Warehoused: The Life and Death of Tristin Murphy" which highlighted how the criminal justice system fails to properly treat people with mental illnesses. CBS News Miami's Jim DeFede and the retired judge talk specifically about the Tristin Murphy case, as well as how jails and prisons have become warehouses for the mentally ill and that treatment is virtually non-existent.

Guest: Scott Cupp/Ret. Judge, Charlotte County

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