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Day 4 Of 'Facebook Killer' Trial Focuses On Testimony From Lead Detective

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — For a second day, attorneys questioned the lead police detective in the trial of Derek Medina.

Pictures of Medina on the same day he shot and killed his wife Jennifer Alfonso, show a heavier set man than the one we see in court after time in jail awaiting trial.

There are also no visible wounds on his body, though he says he killed Alfonso in self-defense.

The lead investigator in the case, Miami-Dade Detective Jonathan Grossman testified Medina may have tried to inflict some injury to himself while in custody.

"He started agitating an area of his chest...He was grabbing his skin, and sort of just grabbing it and moving it around."

Medina shook his head, and nearly chuckled to himself at that testimony.

Detective Grossman was on the stand all day, fielding mostly questions from the defense attorney, who was clearly attacking his credibility and whether his investigation was thorough enough.

"You didn't ask him one question with regards to the decedent's situation with her daughter, not one follow up question," said Saam Zanganeh.

He also asked Det. Grossman, "How does he disarm her and put the knife back in the drawer that's where she's standing. How?"

"Sir, that's what your client advised us, he disarmed her and then he shot her..." replied Grossman.

"He also told you he was 25 and 0 as an amateur boxer. But let's be real. Ok? You're a detective," Zanganeh fired back.

The defense also touched upon what may be the next focus in this trial...Alfonso's mental and emotional state as the couple argued the morning of the shooting.

"They're fighting, he's trying to calm her down. He's apologetic, she declines. Is that about right? Does that summarize it?" asked Zanganeh.

"In conjunction with pulling a gun on her...yes," responded Grossman.

The next witness who jurors may hear from is a woman who both the state and defense seem eager to speak with- Jennifer Alfonso's friend, who texted with Alfonso the morning of the shooting.

The Judge may allow her to be questioned Tuesday morning.

Last week, the testimony in the case focused on forensic evidence and police crime scene experts.

Grossman, took the stand for the first time on Friday and said Medina was calm and collected when he gave a videotaped interview after killing his wife.

Jurors were also shown the alleged murder weapon and the knife Alfonso presumably pulled on him.

Miami-Dade Police Crime Scene Technician Yvonne Garcia also took the stand and explained how she directed her team to review the evidence in the case.

All this as Alfonso's mother sat in the courtroom, at times, appearing teary-eyed when photographs of her daughter's body were shown to jurors.

Medina has said he uploaded a photo of Alfonso's body on Facebook to show family what had happened.

If convicted of murder, Medina faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.


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