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Eve & Sharon Osbourne On "The Talk"

Musician Eve is a Grammy winner, an actress and a songwriter. Now, she'll be known for her new role as host of "The Talk" alongside Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood. The hour-long daily Daytime Emmy-winning talk show dives into current events, pop culture, contemporary issues and welcomes celebrity guests. Eve is the youngest member of the crew and officially joined the team in November 2017.

Eve and Osbourne talked with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about the show, creating change in the world and why Eve is the perfect addition to the Daytime Emmy Award winning show.

DJ Sixsmith: Eve, let's start with you. What intrigued you about the idea of being a host on "The Talk"?

Eve: I'm the kind of person that when a door opens and an opportunity presents itself, I'm kind of like why don't you try it, why not try it out. I think what was exciting to me is that "The Talk" is such an amazing platform for me to show people my personality in a way that they've never seen it outside of music. I get to show who I am as a woman, as a wife, as a step mom and give opinions on things happening in the world. That is what's exciting for me.

DS: Sharon, why is Eve a good fit on the show?

Sharon Osbourne: It's a perfect and natural fit. We are all known for our own things. Eve has done her thing, which is totally different from us. Even though Eve and I have been in the same industry, we've been in different genres. Eve is the youngest member of our crew and we need young blood all the time to keep us fresh. It just brings that whole other viewpoint into the show. Plus, she's easy to get along with. It's been an absolute delight.

DS: This Thursday, you two and the rest of the hosts will do the show makeup free. How did this idea come together?

E: I've talked about it on the show before, make up is my security blanket. I wear concealer to the gym. The women here did a makeup free show about five years ago. I was like why not, why shouldn't I do it. I will try it and of course I'm stressed about it. I'm scared, but they are going to support me and do it as well, so that will help. It will help me feel brave.

SO: I don't think it would be fair for Eve to start the show with no makeup on at all and the other four of us sit there with all the bells and whistles on our faces. So, we're going to support her.

DS: Both of you are in a position where you have a daily platform on national television. How can you use that platform to create change?

SO: I think by always being true to yourself and not joining what everyone else is saying. Unless of course, you believe in what everyone else is saying. You have to be really honest with yourself.

E: I'm going to agree, because I do honestly feel that way. Also, what's great about "The Talk" and why people have watched it for this long and why it's been so successful is because these women are not scared of their opinions. They are not scared of other people's opinions either. Even if it's a small heated debate or you don't agree with the other person, it is always out of respect and you get over it. Especially in the climate we are in now, so many people now are sensitive to having different opinions. Sitting on this show, being respectful and having different opinions helps a lot. It shows people that you can have differences of opinion and still get on with your day.

SO: We like to debate, we don't argue. It's a debate always.

Check out "The Talk" at 2pm EST/PST on CBS.

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