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'It's All A Gift': Emily Estefan On Growing Up With Miami Music Royalty

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- At age 23, Emily Estefan is on the fast track to music stardom.

She's released her first album, has performed across the U.S. including in her own backyard and a recent performance with The Wailers at the Palm Court Performance Series produced by her dad Emilio Estefan.

"When we're in this studio, the days go by," said Emily to CBS4's Lisa Petrillo while touring Crescent Moon Studios.

Petrillo sat down with her recently at the production house of Estefan Enterprises where Emily is currently recording.

She remembers that very first time, at age 18 when she first told her mom she could sing.

"And you sang for her? And she flipped out," asked Petrillo.

"Well, she momm-ed out," said Estefan laughing. "Anyone that knows her, despite the 'pocket pop star' status, this is what we call her because she's small, understands. I told her you can't cry, you can't freak out and she did both. It was my worst performance to date because I was so nervous . My voice was shaking."

All those nerves are gone now as Emily proved last month when she brought down the house singing Gloria's hit single "Reach" for her tearful mom at the Kennedy Center Honors.

"So I closed my eyes and said this is for my mom and it's about her. It's an incredible song and it's something we have to lace through our lives -keep going - no matter what keep moving forward," Emily said.

Emily's doing just that. She has her own record label Alien Shrimp and is currently signing new artists.

She's recording now with her new duo group called To Jasper. It's Emily and her best friend and fellow Berkeley College of Music graduate, Drew Atz.

They recently wrote and recorded the music for a new indie film shot in South Florida called 'Vandal.'

"We actually have a record completed. We're playing at Ultra-Music Festival in March and we'll have a little something out by then," said Estefan.

Emily knows very well she's been privileged growing up in the house of Miami music royalty and she's very grateful for it.

"Of course there's always going to be people who are going to put me under the umbrella of famous people's kids, saying here she goes wanting to be a musician because of her parents, but it's okay," said Estefan.

"I'm proud of who my parents are. I'm fans of theirs which is awkward. I'll call mom and say hey I'm listening to this album and tell me about this song. I have access to this wealth of info and yes it's a gift. It's all a gift," said Estefan.

You can catch Emily and To Jaspar performing live in South Florida at the "GroundUp Music Festival" at the North Beach Bandshell. She performs Saturday, February 10th.

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