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Emilio Estefan Lends His Voice To Cuban Protests, Releases 'Libertad' Music Video

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Calls for change in Cuba continue and allies of the Cuban-American community in South Florida are getting involved.

Emilio Estefan and the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba premiered a video for "Libertad," it's meant to be an anthem hoping to send a message of hope for a free Cuba, but also, show the pain and cries for help.

This all happened Tuesday morning at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora.

Estefan told CBS4 the video is not so much about the music, but about the images.

"For the first time, people are seeing the realities of Cuba, for many years this is Cuba people outside protesting for Cuba and that image has to go all over the world," says Estefan.

On Tuesday afternoon, more action was being taken for those on the ground in Cuba.

Movement Democracia says they are representing 25-year-old Carlos Nunez who was allegedly picked up by Cuban authorities over the weekend after joining in on protests there.

Movement Democracia says Nunez would not apologize to authorities and was detained.

His mother is in South Florida.

Representative Joe Geller says all avenues for help are being explored.

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"This brutal dictatorship passed years ago and now there must be no looking back - this is the time for this dictatorship to end and for freedom and liberty to come to the people of Cuba," said Geller.

"I love Cuba and I love the United States, we live in the best country in the world, and I think this can make a big difference for people to realize we are just 90 miles away," says Estefan.

More demonstrations of support happened Tuesday at Barry University where the community gathered in front of the campus' peace pole for a moment of prayer, and to stand in solidarity with Cuba.

"We stand ready to aid in any way within our power, there are things that are best done in the courts and that is what we are here to do," says Geller.

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