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Miami Neighborhood Known For Exclusive Condos, Edgewater Also Known For Flooding

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - On Friday, people who lived on 23rd Street in Edgewater were forced to wade through water to get to their cars.

The street looked more like a swimming pool for ducks.

At one point, the flooding trapped cars parked on the streets.

Hours after the water receded, some car owners were left with damp cars. One woman was spotted with Tupperware trying to get all the water out of her trunk.

Down the street, in a high-rise condo, residents had to deal with elevators shut down before 7 in the morning.

"The view is amazing. Everything is amazing," said Emma De La Purification. "Only problem is when it's raining and the parking garage is completely flooded. I can't go out to my car. Must stay home. Can't go down."

She and the other residents received text notifications about elevators shut down because of flooding on the ground level. It wasn't until after 5 in the afternoon that they were notified that the elevators were back up and running after water was extracted.

"It happens several times during the year," said De La Purification.

It's a major inconvenience with no solution in sight. The rising rent of cost made it easy for some who are leaving like De La Purification.

"It's very frustrating," she said.

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