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Early voting is underway in Miami-Dade County

Early voting underway in Miami-Dade
Early voting underway in Miami-Dade 02:20

MIAMI — The Republican presidential preference primary is underway in Miami-Dade County. 

Some voters wasted no time. 

"I came out here because I'm very concerned with the election," one voter said, "and I would just like my candidate to be in the on the ballot for the primary."

They cast their ballot for the Republican nominee. 

"Very important election, we have to make sure we correct the mistakes we've done in the past and get everything back to order," another voter said. 

Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections Christina White said voters have three options to vote. 

You can vote by mail (You have until March 7th to request a vote by mail ballot online); drop off your vote by mail ballot; or vote in person. 

"You can go to any site that's convenient for you," White said. "Go to our website and check out the 23 sites all throughout Miami- Dade."

Not sure where to vote for early voting? The Miami-Dade County website lists the wait times at the different polling locations. 

On Election Day, you will only be able to vote at your assigned precinct. 

White said for presidential preference primaries, about 15 percent to 20 percent of registered voters turn out. 

"Everything opened without a hitch, and we've been opening and we've been accepting voters since 7 a.m.," White said. "Turnout has been light. So I am encouraging our voters to get out and vote every election is equally important."

Early voting ends on Sunday, March 17. 

The actual election is on Tuesday, March 19. 

Democrats have already chosen their party nominee to be President Joe Biden, so unless you live in Surfside or South Miami, cities that are having their own local elections, this is only for Republicans. 

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