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Duper: Dan Marino 'Would Tear Up' The NFL Today


"I could definitely say that from the bottom of my heart, that Dan Marino had all the skills to win a Super Bowl," Dolphins great Mark Duper said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. "A quarterback needs great people around him and the thing is one of the reasons why Dan never won his Super Bowl is because the team couldn't put together winning games in the playoffs consistently. You can't put that on a quarterback. You can't take his greatness from what he does with a football and all those years that he played for the Miami Dolphins.

"Me being a wide receiver on the opposite end of Dan's ball, I know how great he is. I know what he can do."

Is the ring argument fair when comparing the legacies of all-time great quarterbacks?

"No not over the years that we're rewriting the history books," Duper said. "If you think about it, back in the 80s, the Dolphins rewrote the history book. We opened up the offense where nobody else had ever thrown the football until Dan Marino came into the league and started throwing the football like that. If you think about it, if you look at it, it starts from Dan. You could go back all the way to all the quarterbacks before him [and they] never threw balls like Dan Marino had thrown balls."

How would the 1984 Dolphins offense fare in today's NFL?

"It'd be a cakewalk," Duper said. "I think the game has softened more than when we played.

"Danny would tear up this league right now. If Danny was playing and the rules and regulations with what they have now, Danny would tear up this league... He could put a football in places where most quarterbacks wouldn't even think about putting a football."

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