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Neglected Horses Rescued From Davie Home

DAVIE (CBSMiami) -- Twenty-one neglected horses were rescued from a Davie home this weekend after tips to police and the Peaceful Ridge Rescue group. Sixteen were taken take to Peaceful Ridge while the other four were taken to Pompano Beach. Unfortunately, three of the horses may have to be put down.

Video was given to CBS 4 that shows the horses behaving "skiddish" and afraid of people. The neglected horses made it challenging for a team of volunteers to rescue them, but with a lot of patience and care the folks from Peaceful Ridge Rescue got it done.

Victor Cutino, President of Peaceful Ridge said, "It's heartbreaking to see that people do this to horses."

The environment the horses were in was described as disgusting, deplorable, and inhumane.

Cathi Rivera with Peaceful Ridges, said, "Every time you think it can't get more disgusting and you come across something else and your like wow."

The horses in the worst shape have physical injuries that have been uncared for. One was found with a huge gash and it hurts another mare to even stand. Her hooves were curled up and had gone untrimmed for nearly 9 months.

Cutino said, "Because the pain is unbearable we possibly have to put some of the horses down. We won't know that until Tuesday when the vet comes out."

On many horses you can see their back bones, butt bones, and ribs. Stallions and manes of all ages also found in stalls lined with electrical wiring and standing in 2 to 3 feet of feces and urine that has accumulated for years.

Rivera said, "I'm pretty sure I haven't seen anything quite like it."

The owner of the horses ordered the media not to step foot on his property so we couldn't get his side of the story. Little is known about who lives here but the obviously unhealthy emaciated conditions aroused some neighbors concern.

A neighbor said, "I did call because I wanted them to check it out. I thought maybe they're old, maybe I'm wrong."

Word of the neglect and abuse spread quickly in Davie. Horse lovers quickly found ways to help however they could. Lisa Brophy brought 500 pounds of food for the skinny and hungry horses.

Brophy said, "The condition of the horses is just absolutely horrible it just tears my heart up to see."

The neglect still remains under investigation and we expect to hear more from Davie Police about this case on Monday. Peaceful Ridge could use some help with their rescues either in the form of food or money. They're also looking to adopt some of the horses out.

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