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Doral's Auto Firm Offers Dream Rides To Celebs Around The World

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DORAL (CBSMiami) -- A car is just a car unless you put it in the hands of Alex Vega. He's the owner of the Auto Firm.

It's a car lover's playground. Any day of the week, you can walk in to the Auto Firm and find Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Porsche's and Audi's.

You name it. Alex Vega and his team have worked on it. Alex shuffles millions of dollars worth of cars throughout his body shop.

"My goal was my vision. I want to have a car done that people look at it and they say, Alex Vega did that car."

And the celebrity world knows Alex and his work. The Doral-based company is where celebs and athletes upgrade their cars with TV's, bars, sound systems and any request, however bizarre, like musician Akon's custom ride.

"He had me buy a truck to do a studio inside the truck," Vega exclaimed.

Alex created Akon's studio on wheels from scratch. But it's the Mercedes vans that he converts into what he calls a house on wheels that is Alex's pride and joy.

The Avorza limousine van, named after his brand, comes with two 52" flat screen TV's, a sound system and a bar.

The cost? $175,000.

"To see their reaction when they first walk in and you're looking at them and saying I hope to God he likes it and to see how they feel, it's an accomplishment," said Vega.

And Alex says you don't have to be a baller with a Rolls Royce. He'll work with customers of any price point.

If you want to learn more about Alex and his cars, visit his website at

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