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Miami Dolphins Praise Rookies, Tua Tagovailoa's Accuracy

Miami Gardens (CBSMiami) - Something that's noticeably different around the Dolphins is their mood and how much fun they're having.

The team clearly enjoying their four-game win streak and the new dance craze taking the NFL by storm - Jaylen Waddle's waddle.

The Dolphins rookie receiver says he's been getting a bunch of messages and messages on Twitter.

His teammate, Christian Wilkins said, "It's a perfect celebration too. I wish I had a cool last name like Waddle or something... I've been trying to get him to do it all year and he finally found the courage to do it. We've been working on it all year."

Waddle joked, "people be sending me doing it next to a penguin. But I've got some work to do."

Waddle's play of late has led to more and more of these celebrations. But he is far from the only rookie making plays.

Jaelan Phillips picked up 3 more sacks against the Panthers while Jevon Holland pulled down his 2nd interception.

Big plays that are making the vets on the team very proud.

"They have good spirits, they have some want to. They care about the game they love the game and it's good to have a lot of those young guys around because they're just excited to be here. They have the right mindset and the right energy," said Wilkins.

There is a lot of praise going around the facility and QB Tua Tagovailoa is starting to get noticed for his accuracy. Since coming back from injury Tua has three straight games with a passer rating over 100 and his completion percentage is above 80 over the last two.

Two of his favorite targets compliments his ability to feel out where defenders are on the field and the ability to hit tight windows.

Waddle said, "He hit's you while you're in stride so your run after catch ability is on full display. I think just where he puts the ball allows you to make a move and things like that. His ball placement is very key."

Mike Gesicki adds, "He's going to throw a very catchable and he's going to make the job easy for his receivers so I love playing with him. A lot of guys are making plays because of where  he's putting the ball."

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