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Dolphins Holding Pop-Up Events Around Miami Ahead Of Home Opener

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Dolphins kicked off the season Sunday with a huge win on the road against divisional rival New England. This Sunday's home opener doesn't get any easier as the Buffalo Bills will visit Hard Rock Stadium.  To get fans back in the mood, the team is hosting pop-up events around the area.

"You go, you enjoy the weekend, you hangout, family, friends," said Jose Pajon, a Dolphins fan.

All one can really do as a fan is hope for a Dolphins W, but then again some of us are also big fans of the food.

"There is not one party that you will not see a tray of Croquetas," said Liz Fernandez, co-owner of Dos Croquetas.

It's something pretty unique to Miami, and Fernandez and her family are happy to fulfill orders for the game.

Her family was not only born into a food tradition but Dolphin Fandom.

"I still go old school with Dan Marino," Fernandez said.

That's all part of the reason why the Dolphins held a pop-up at Dos Croquetas as part of their Reunion 305 campaign.

"Today we're celebrating our fans and celebrating the home opener that's this Sunday by hosting a series of activations," Paola Argueta, Miami Dolphins Corporate Comm.

Monday was just the first of a series leading up to Sunday.  Stops have included La Caretta and Latin Cafe as well.

"Just trying to hit every single aspect point of what makes Miami, Miami," Argueta said.

The events also help to showcase businesses for Hispanic Heritage Month.

"To see our community coming together again and see the Dolphins and different community leaders throughout the world really joining and supporting all these restaurants it makes a big difference to these companies," Fernandez added.

Tuesday's events include a stop at Gwen Cherry Park.  Miami Slush will be giving out slushies to kids with the Boys & Girls Club, and the event will help to support youth football.  It runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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