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Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Meets The Press

TAMPA (CBSMiami) - Press from across the nation descended on Tampa Monday night, but not for the game between the 0 and 8 Tampa Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins. Reporters were there to hear from Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for the first time since the bullying scandal erupted.

"What is going on, we couldn't be a worse nightmare," exclaimed Ross.

Until now Ross has remained silent over the scandal between offensive lineman Richie Incognito and Jonathon Martin.  Martin walked off the team a week ago claiming he had been bullied in the locker room and called vulgar racial names.

"When you can't pick up the newspaper in any city or watch television without hearing about this, when things like that happen you know you need change. People care and we care," said Ross. "I have reached out to Jonathan Martin, I have texted him, we have communicated via text, and I plan to meet with him in person very shortly."

Ross plans to meet with Martin Wednesday at an undisclosed location. He will meet, as well, with Incognito, who has been suspended indefinitely.

"I apologize to the fans for being in this position but I know we will come out of this a better organization," Ross said.

To address the issues in the locker room, Ross announced a respected all-star cast of NFL veterans to help create what he called a 21st century code of conduct.

"We all know that the football locker room is a different place than most of us are accustomed too.  Basically I don't want to make any excuses," Ross insisted. "I want to know that our workplace going forward will be the best workplace in the NFL."

Former NFL coaches Tony Dungy and Don Shula will work alongside former dolphins Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and retired running back Curtis Martin.

They'll be working with Dolphin's head coach Joe Philbin, who Ross affirmed Monday night he stands behind.

"I have total utmost confidence in Joe Philbin as our coach," insisted Ross.

Ross wouldn't commit to questions about the return of Martin or Incognito to the game.  He said he wanted to hear from both sides before making any moves.

"We want to get this resolved," Ross stated. "We want to put this behind us. We want to do the right thing."


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