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Dolfans Becoming Apathetic

MIAMI ( – To say Dolphins fans are upset Monday would be a gross understatement, based on what fans told CBS4 and AM 790 The Ticket.

Fans took to the CBSMiami Facebook page throughout Sunday night and Monday morning to express their dismay.

"The Dolphins should be closed for the season now!" Ana Maria Marrero wrote.

Ron Lester had a different take, saying, "This is the lowest point in Dolphins history!!!"

The blame, at least much of it, has been placed on the head of Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. He's likely to be the first scapegoat for the team this year, but they don't have anywhere to turn in the interim. But some fans don't care.

"Everyone is talking so much about the Tim Tebow stuff. They are forgetting about the epic mistake and bad call from Sparano in the early 4th quarter for extra two points, ugghh!!!," wrote Jennifer Leganaps.

Milton Cuevas decided not to just lay the blame at the feet of Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and the players. "Way to go Jeff Ireland!" Ceuvas wrote.

Even non-Dolphins fans were sickened by the putrid performance the Dolphins put forth late in the fourth quarter.

"I'm a Giants fan and I still feel humiliated just living here," Catherine Bernstein said.

When CBSMiami asked Dolphins fans if Fins owner Stephen Ross was the worst owner in the National Football League, the reaction was mixed.

"Yes he's a total for hiring Sparano in the first place," wrote Andrew Llyod Meade.

Ed Huston disagreed but still has no love for Ross. "Maybe not the worst, but not very good," Huston wrote on CBSMiami's Facebook page.

That's just a taste of the overwhelming fan sentiment. The dangerous part now is the anger is quickly turning to apathy.

The Dolphins had to essentially give away tickets to the Broncos game and honor the Florida Gators in order to broadcast the game locally.

After the Fins' dismal performance, it's very likely, that may be the last Dolphins game shown locally because fans simply don't want to waste the gas money, food money, and ticket money to watch a losing team play.

At that point, the light may finally turn on for Ross that his team and the way he's conducted his NFL business has been a complete failure. Until then, the fans will remain angry and the Dolphins will continue to fall down the rabbit hole.


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