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Dog Saved After Bursting Into Flames

PARKLAND (CBSMiami) – Man's best friend was repaid in a big way by his owner Tuesday night in Parkland when the dog burst into flames.

Everything started when Telma Botcherby, 50, said she treated the family dog, Ruby, with flea and tick spray before the dog laid down on its pet bed. Telma saw a live tick on the floor and attempted to burn the tick with a lighter when things went out of control.

Ruby got scared and jumped across where she attempting to burn the tick. When Ruby jumped, it burst into flames.

"We believe that the flame was not actually very close to the dog when they were trying to burn those ticks," said Mike Moser from the Coral Springs Fire Department. "The dog became startled by the flame, ran toward, then jumped over the lighter that obviously had a flame on it and that's what caused it to catch fire."

As Telma screamed, her husband Jess, grabbed the dog and ran to the family pool and jumped in with the dog in his arms.

Jess received second degree burns to roughly 25 percent of his body, mainly on his forearms, chest, and face. Ruby suffered burns to her abdomen and insider of her back legs.

While Jess was being treated, deputies and fire rescue workers tried to find a veterinary hospital that would treat the dog. The family didn't have the money to take the dog to an emergency facility right away, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Dr. Peter's Animal Hospital in Margate took Ruby in for treatment free of charge. When Ruby was admitted to the animal hospital, nearly all her hair was singed.

Veterinarian Dr. Peter Krolikowski thinks, given some time, Ruby should recover well.

"I got all its appropriate medications," said Dr. Krolikowski,  "so from that point of view I feel optimistic and she's a wonderful dog, we do hope we will bring her back."

Ruby is being treated with an I-V and powerful pain meds."We know that she's shaking," said Dr. Peter Krolikowski from Dr. Peter's Animal Hospital in Margate.  "She's definitely reluctant to sit down, so just the mere aspect of sitting down for her is very painful."

Investigators believe this was a tragic accident.

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