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Dog Nearly Buried Alive In SW Dade Up For Adoption

MEDLEY (CBS4) - A dog nearly buried alive is looking for a new home.  The dog, named Lucky, was one of several dogs living in a Southwest Miami-Dade field.  When the field was plowed, the dogs were covered in heavy vegetation.

Gina Mihlet, who's been feeding the dogs for almost a month, said she saw the dogs buried.

"Underneath all of that, just kind of like all I could see was the little eyes," said Mihlet.   She says one dog was able to get out by itself, but Lucky is older and had trouble moving her back legs.

Gina feared the worst.

"[She] would die starve to death," said Mihlet

So, Gina told CBS4's Maggie Newland she got a rope and pulled Lucky out and took her to Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Animal Services' Chief Veterinarian Dr. Maria Serrano said Lucky is in some pain but considering where she was, looks good.

Lucky is between eight and ten years old and has arthritis and problems with her hips, but the vet said she will make a good pet.

"If you're looking for a dog kind of like to keep you company and kind of be a couch dog with you it's a great dog," said Dr. Serrano.

Lucky is available for adoption immediately. Click Here for more information.

Tuesday night, Gina went back to the field where she rescued Lucky and rescued another dog she's been feeding.  She plans to take that dog to Miami Dade Animal Services Wednesday morning and it will likely be up for adoption soon as well.

Miami Dade Animal Services will try to determine whether anyone deliberately tried to bury the dogs.

To adopt, you can click here Miami-Dade Animal Services or call 305-884-1101.

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