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Arrest Made In Stabbing Death Of Miramar Teen Farrah Carter Nearly 20 Years Ago

MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) - When Farrah Carter, 15, was stabbed to death in her Miramar home 19 years ago, police called it one of the most horrific crime scenes they'd come across.

Nearly two decades later, someone has been charged with the murder.

"It's very pleasing in a sense, but it's still heartbreaking without her being here to see what her life would have been like, to see the children she would have, as a mother," said Farrah's mom Kim Battle.

Farrah Carter
Farrah Carter (Source: Miramar Police)

The family said they felt some satisfaction knowing the 56-year-old Joseph Pollard has been accused of the killing. Miramar Police said new DNA technology linked him to the scene. He's currently in prison, sent there just two months after the murder for a different crime.

"He's serving a life sentence for kidnapping, robbery, and assault," said Miramar Detective Joe Tomlin.

Tony Carter is Farrah's dad.

"I miss my baby so much. I was at her gravesite on Friday and placed some flowers," he said. "I told her they captured the guy that did this to her."

He said he thinks of his daughter every day.

"I pray and wish every day that I was there because I know every time that knife went in her body she said, 'Help me dad! Help me mom' and nobody was there to help her," he said.

For Kim's mom, it's still difficult.

"For many nights after this I would sit in the living room, in a big chair, hoping that she would come through that door," she said through her tears. "And still now, for some strange reason, I'm back with the light on in my bedroom."

Keli Craig is Farrah's younger sister. She said the family still wants to know why Farrah was murdered, why she was taken from them in such a brutal way.

"I feel like my sister was cheated out of her life," she cried. "My sister, people don't know, when a child has dreams, my sister was the type of person who wanted so much out of life and was not able to even see that next day," Craig said.

The case is not closed just yet.

Detectives are looking for people who knew Pollard, they're hoping to find out more about him. They still don't have a motive or details of what led to the fatal stabbing. They added he has a history of violence against women.

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