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Divers Find Body Of Missing Father

MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – Dive teams were out at a Northwest Miami-Dade County lake Friday morning and found the body of a man who fell off a personal watercraft Thursday night just before noon.

Divers and rescue crews were called to the lake on the 4800 block of Northwest 196 Terrace just after 7 p.m. after Adam Quiles, 49, fell into the water. He was last seen nearly 20 hours ago. The family of Quiles joined in the search Friday as well and described the horror of what happened Thursday.

"My dad passed away right in front of my eyes and I wasn't strong enough, I couldn't save him," said Brandon Quiles, Adam's son.

According to the family, Adam Quiles worked as a corrections officer and had three children. He had invited family and friends over to their home on NW 48th Avenue and 196th Terrace for a Fourth of July barbecue.

"He's a clown. He's a fun guy," Brandon said. "Everyone loves the guy. My dad's just a fun guy. He's silly, goofy, always doing jokes."

Brandon said his dad was riding the personal watercraft near the middle of the lake behind their home when he fell in. Miami-Dade Police said Quiles was not wearing his life-jacket.

"It looks like he jumped off voluntarily," Brandon said. "My sister and mom said it looked like he slipped. I don't know if he had a heart attack or a cramp in the water and he couldn't make it."

Quiles' family said they saw him struggling and that he put his hands up in the air and called out for his son.

"He called my name, 'Brandon, Brandon,' and I look over and he's like going in and under," Brandon said. "I swam fast, but it wasn't fast enough and my dad just went under."

Dive teams searched the 70 foot deep lake for hours Thursday night, but found nothing.

"I already accepted the fact that he's dead," Brandon said. "My mom and sister still think he's going to be okay."

According to Quiles' family, Adam was healthy, active, and never had any issues before so they don't know what could have caused the accident.

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