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Dismissal Denied For Woman Accused Of Murdering Officer

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) --  A judge denied an attempt to dismiss a case against a woman accused of murdering a Miami Police officer who was also her live-in boyfriend.

Tiniko Thompson is charged in connection to the death of Miami Police officer Carl Patrick who was found dead in their Pembroke Pines home in May 2014.

Thompson had been trying to get the case thrown out by claiming self defense.  She said the day of the shooting they had a violent argument in which he hit her and threatened her with a gun.

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After the judge's ruling, Patrick's mother said Thompson has to pay.

"What she did, she did wrong to my son because he was a good man.  I'm proud of him in his grave today.  I'm proud of him.  He could have killed that woman but he didn't.  She did that to him.  He was a good man getting dressed to go to work when she did that to him.  That was very evil.  She could have done anything else but take his life," said Lucille Patrick.

Patrick said he did so much for Thompson and yet she killed him.

"He took me to church.  From church he would take me to buy her food to give her strength from day to day.  Her mother and father turned her out,  her brother turned her away and he took her in.  And today, she put him in his grave," said a tearful Patrick.

On Wednesday, Thompson took to the stand and talked about what happened the day of the shooting and what she said led to Patrick being shot.

Thompson said on the day of the shooting, May 7, 2014, Patrick was already in his police uniform and ready to go to work when the two got into an argument that escalated. 

"We kept struggling and and we both ended up going on the side of the bed. At that time, I still held on to the gun and I was able to move and he kept turning the gun towards me and I turned the gun towards him.  At that time, he slipped.  His left foot slipped.  His hand went up off the gun and I held on to the gun and I fired a shot," said Thompson.

In response, the State Attorney was trying to poke holes in her "self defense" claim since it wasn't until later that Thompson even admitted to shooting Patrick.

She was also questioned about other lies like coming back to the Pembroke Pines home where the shooting happened after taking off and also faking a pregnancy. 

Lucille Patrick said she was told the same lie.

"And she showed me a picture and said this is your grandchild," said Lucille Patrick.

CBS4's Joan Murray asked, "It was an ultrasound?"

"Yes," responded Lucille Patrick.

Prosecutors said Thompson's current version of the shooting also doesn't add up.

"Medical evidence of the trajectory of the bullet contradicts what she told the court," said prosecutor Shari Tate.

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