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Domestic Violence Call Turns Into Deputy-Involved Shooting Investigation

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LAUDERDALE LAKES (CBSMiami) -- A domestic violence call ended in a Broward Sheriff's deputy-involved shooting in Lauderdale Lakes.

The Broward Sheriff's Office said deputies were sent to a home near NW 33rd Avenue and NW 35th Street to check out a report of a domestic incident between a brother and sister at around 9 a.m.

"The brother was violent, out of control," said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. "He has been Baker Acted in the past."

Paulette Samuels is still trying to understand what happened to her son this morning.

"When I left for work, he was fine," she said. "He was ok. He was on the patio. I spoke with him and I left for work."

A short time later 42-year old David Surf got in an argument with his sister that escalated quickly.

He hit his sister and then began throwing things around in the house, according to the sheriff.

"His sister went in her room and locked herself in. He broke down the door. He continued to pursue her. She ran outside. She was able to call 911," said

Four deputies responded, two of whom were familiar with the issues this man had.

"Two of our deputies were crisis intervention trained. They knew how to deal with someone who is in this frame of mind. They did everything they could," said Israel.

Earl Daly lives across the street and says he saw part of the attack.

"The police had to run from him a couple of times before they decided to confront this guy," said Daly.

At some point in the confrontation, the man kicked a window and began throwing glass.

"We heard something break and we thought someone was breaking glass or something. We watched out, it was two cops. They were tazing something, we didn't see the guy, but we knew they were tazing the guy. They were screaming at him, telling him to calm down," said another neighbor.

"The taser seemed to have little to no effect on this man. They came to a point in time where we tried to handcuff him. He began to go back into what I would call a violent rage I've been told. He eventually charged one of our deputies," said Israel. "He charged at her. She fired multiple times. He was struck."

The deputies performed CPR on the man immediately after, Sheriff Israel said.

Crews rushed him to Broward Health Medical Center where he underwent surgery. At last check, he was in intensive care.

"He's in critical condition, but I know he will pull through," Samuels said. "Praise god,  he will pull through."

She says her son has a brain tumor and has issues.

"He's on medication because he has seizures all the time," Samuels explained. "So I don't know if he didn't take his medications or not."

Last night Surf was taken to Plantation General because he was not feeling well.

By Thursday morning, Samuels says he seemed fine.

She is thankful he is going to pull through, as is his sister.

"Shook up over what happened but she's ok," Samuels said.

Chopper4 was over the scene near where you could see what looked like some sort of bloodied clothes on the driveway of the home.

Yellow crime scene tape was wrapped around the whole front portion of the home. More than dozen people could be seen standing outside.

The neighbors say they are upset that it had to come to this.

"They know he was sick. They should take him to the mental institution, take care of him," said Daly.

Israel said the deputy who fired the shots is an 11-year veteran of the force.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting, a standard procedure for all shootings involving the sheriff's office.


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