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Deal Reached On Cubans Stranded In Costa Rica

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Several Central American countries have reached a deal which will allow thousands of Cubans stranded in Costa Rica to continue their journey toward the U.S.

Costa Rica's foreign ministry said as per terms of the agreement, they will begin airlifting Cubans to El Salvador in January. From there they will be allowed to continue their journey north towards Mexico by bus.

More than eight thousand Cubans have been stuck in Costa Rica since neighboring Nicaragua closed its border to them weeks ago.

Those making the journey say that once they arrive in the U.S. they will be allowed to stay and apply for permanent residency.

The mass migration comes as many Cuban migrants fear renewed relations between Cuba and the United States could bring an end to the Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy. This allows Cubans to apply for residency if they reach the U.S. by land.

Numbers of Cubans trying to reach the U.S. through Latin America has spiked since December 2014 - when the U.S. and Cuba announced efforts to normalize relations.

Meantime, Cuba's communist government has accused the U.S. of promoting illegal migration with what they call 'dated Cold War policy.'

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