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Day full of emotion as thousands bike, run and walk for Dolphins Challenge Cancer

Thousands turn up for Dolphins Challenge Cancer 2024
Thousands turn up for Dolphins Challenge Cancer 2024 03:23

MIAMI GARDENS — It was an emotional day for many crossing the finish line at Dolphins Challenge Cancer this Saturday.

This is more than a bike ride and 5K — it was a passionate moment for everyone at Hard Rock Stadium, including Precious Sargent, who overcame a malignancy of the parathyroid.

"It went on for so long and I never knew what it was until the University of Miami caught it, and my surgeon was able to get it out in one piece," she said. "And, I'm here for my baby and it's just like a testament — I sing a song in church called 'Living Proof' and when I saw [the Living Proof cancer bell], it made me... it's living proof that God's love doesn't fail — like Christ literally told me he would take me through it and he did."

She was there with her daughters as they crossed the finish line together — a moment she says she didn't know she'd be able to be a part of.

"To see my name on the board like 'you are really here,'" Sargent added. "To know that you are here and other people — I had family members who had lost their battle — well not really lost, they're not here in the physical — but I'm here. And, my prayer has always been I want to be here for [my daughters]."

The stories here are endless: Everyone knows someone who's battled cancer, and on Saturday, every dollar raised goes toward cancer research to help people like Sargent and many more.

"I'm riding for my brother that we lost about 10 years ago... and this is a very good cause," Alex Pruna said. "You have to put out there that cancer can be fought and it's very emotional because we lost him. And maybe if we had been going to something like this many years ago, he would have been saved by donations that we need."

DCC has raised more than $64 million for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is part of the University of Miami Health System, and something that Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips has been participating in for years.

"This is super near and dear to my heart," he said. "I mean, we all have people who are affected by cancer — people that we love. Me personally, I've had my grandfather, my aunt — my family friends — who have all been affected by cancer. So for me, I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't do my part to give back and to encourage other people to just obviously donate for cancer research but also to just come out here and support and build community."

Even members of CBS News Miami were at the finish line, handing out medals, for an extraordinary event that has quickly become a staple in fundraising.  

CBS News Miami takes part in Dolphins Challenge Cancer 00:44

This is the 14th year that Dolphins Challenge Cancer has been in operation and is the largest fundraiser in the NFL.

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