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Davis: Think We Knew Jonathan Martin 'Wasn't Crazy About' Football


"I don't have any blame for anyone who doesn't want to endure back surgery," Fox Sports' Charles Davis said of Jonathan Martin's retirement on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. "That's one of the scariest things you can say to a person because you can wonder about what can go wrong and what state it can leave you with. But overall I think when we knew Jonathan Martin really wasn't crazy about playing football when everything started with Richie Incognito because -- let me just go ahead and say it and I'll hopefully be done with it -- the locker room is Darwinian and for a lot of people who are outside the sport and the game, when they hear a statement like that they're like 'oh my god, what's the deal, what's going on?...

"The locker room is going to be politically incorrect... But Jonathan Martin, when he did not crack Richie Incognito upside the head with a forearm and say enough or say I don't roll that way big fella and find a way to get him off of him, he signaled he really didn't want to be a football player."

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