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David Boreanaz On 'Seal Team' Season 3: 'This Season Is Really About What's Under The Hood'

Seal Team returned for its third season last week and the squad is geared up and ready for an all-new chapter with all-new obstacles. For lead character Jason Hayes, played by David Boreanaz, this season is about dealing with the loss of his wife, his children going away to school, and finding peace without his family around him.

CBS Local's Matt Weiss spoke to Boreanaz about the new season, shooting on location and the show's commitment to having real veterans involved with production in every way possible.

MW: David, good morning, how are you?

DB: Morning, how are you, Matt?

MW: Doing well, doing well. Congratulations, third season, Seal Team still going strong. Can you catch us up, where the show is, what's next for the team in this third season?

DB: The last season was really this kind of examination of how the team fell apart and how they kind of got back together towards the end. This season is really about what's under the hood for these guys. When I say what's under the hood, I mean what's going on in their brains and how they deal with what happens when they come home from the mission or they've been deployed, how they're accepted in society, how their relationships make it or don't make it.

For my character, Jason Hayes, he has to deal with the loss of his wife from last year. His two kids are off to school. It's the first time you see him alone in this beginning of the season.  We started off in Serbia shooting, the first three episodes shot there and it was just a great experience - A) to shoot there, but B) to see how these characters are effected being in that environment and it's going to be a crazy ride, so we'll see if Jason Hayes can hang on this season.

MW: You talk about the losses that Jason has had to face, and obviously loss is a big part of life when you're living that military lifestyle. Is it difficult for you to take on such an emotional role like that, does it take a toll on you personally?

DB: Emotionally for me when I'm in it and I'm working these scenes, it's very emotional for me to be around these guys and hear their stories, obviously I'm impacted by that, so it does affect me. Like with anything as an actor you take a step back and you breathe that out. This is the type of show that can stay with you a little bit. And one of the reasons why we all do this is because it's so near and dear to our hearts, to get it right, to give honor to those that served this country and also who are struggling. We can give some light in the darkness for them and that's really what we want to do.

MW: That authenticity is such a hallmark of the show and extends to the actual shooting locations as well, you're not in front of a green screen, you guys are really going to these places. Why is that so important to you to actually be in the locations that we see on the show?

DB: I mean it just helps with the type of show that we are, we've done that in the past, we're going to continue stretch that and push the envelope to be in these locations and see how the environment affects the team. You know for Jason Hayes, being in Serbia on the mission especially in the open of the season, he's really pushing the team, he's pushing his limits and we'll see if that hurts him. As a Tier 1 operator getting older, how much longer he can last in the field? That's going to be something that we're going to be examining this season. Things kick off in Serbia and for us to actually be there it helps greatly to get it right and it feels really authentic.

MW: Lastly I want to discuss this amazing initiative where Seal Team uses a lot of real Vets both in front of and behind the camera and again it speaks to the show's authenticity. Can you talk about that aspect of the show?

DB: We're proud of that. The veterans that are on the show, in front of and behind the camera are part of it, that's the family that we have and what that does for us is it's a testament to the authenticity of it and pushing the boundaries and getting it right and not just going through the motions. It takes a little more time but once we're up in rolling and shooting and we get it right things actually fly pretty fast. We're really proud of that and it's something that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

MW: It's commendable for sure, it's awesome you guys give back like that. Thank you so much, David, and have great rest of your day!

DB: Thank you so much!

Seal Team airs Wednesday nights at 9:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.


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