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Dan Campbell on Rob Gronkowski: 'The Guy is an Animal'

Dan Campbell continued to pour out his anti-Philbin dialect on Monday when describing Rob Gronkowski in advance of Thursday night's Dolphins-Patriots game.

What impresses him the most about the Patriots' All-Pro tight end?

"What doesn't?" Campbell asked. "I mean the guy is an animal and he can do everything. You put him out there and he's a mismatch one-on-one, route running, big body, excellent hands. You put him in, he can block the point of attack. He can pass protect. I guess you could hand him the ball if you wanted to and have him run it as running back. But there again, kind of like what we did with J.J. Watt last week – we put all five linemen on him [Joking]. We'll probably put the whole secondary on him and go from there."

The animal is tied for the NFL league lead with six touchdown receptions and has 11 catches of 20 yards or more.

As for which Dolphin will be presented with the daunting task of covering the uncoverable, Miami will take a committee approach.

"Yeah, you have to mix some things up with him," Campbell said. "You can't just – and that goes for that offense and Tom Brady – you can't just give them the same look the whole time. Now, you got to do what you do best. But you can't just sit there where he knows every time exactly what you're in. But we have some guys on this team that can plan man to man pretty good. We'll have other answers schematically as well."

The Patriots lead the league in scoring, averaging 35.5 points a game.

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