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Cyclists To Drivers: "This Could Have Been Avoided"

COOPER CITY (CBSMiami) — The cyclists killed in Sunday morning's crash were riding a route that is well known to many cyclists who live in that area.

Gean Mondazze, a cyclist for 30 years, says the groups of cyclists who do the ride meet every Sunday to bike the 40-mile route that crosses the intersection of Sheridan and Palm.

Mondazee says, "It saddens me to see that two of my fellow cyclists will no longer be riding or moving forward with their lives together with their families and loved ones."

The two cyclists killed were most likely dedicated riders, as is evident from their cycling shoes and helmets that came to rest in the middle of the roadway.

Mandazee says, "It requires a special individual to wake up early on a weekend morning and come out and ride a bike for sixty or seventy miles when most people are still laying in bed under the covers."

Chuck Boyd is an avid cyclist. He says the accident could have been avoided.

He says he and his sons have changed their bike and cycling habits because they don't feel safe. He adds that they've been hit before and that "there's just too many distractions – drivers are talking on cell phones and texting and they're not paying attention."

At this time the circumstances of the crash are unclear. The Broward County Sheriff's office is still investigating.

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