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Curbelo, Garcia Hit The Polls On Election Day

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia and Incumbent Carlos Curbelo hit the polls on election day.

Garcia has spent the day visiting polling locations throughout Miami and Homestead.

After the polls close, the Garcia campaign will be holding a gathering with supporters to watch the election results come in.

Garcia represented the district for two years before losing to his opponent, incumbent Carlos Curbelo in 2014.

Curbelo also made stops at the polls in Miami, Homestead, and Naranja. He'll be watching the votes come in at an election night party in the Birdside Banquet Hall in Miami.

During Curbelo's campaign, he worked hard to distance himself from Donald Trump. In August, he sent a cease and desist letter to a political action committee tying him to Trump.

Some experts, however, believe the odds are against him in the Democratic-leaning 26th district. The district is made up of 36 percent registered Democrats, 32 percent Republicans and 31 percent no party affiliation.

Despite that, Curbelo said he was optimistic about the race.

"I'm feeling good. You know, I think it's going to be a tight race. This is a very competitive district," said Curbelo.

As Republicans and Democrats battle it out for control of the U.S. Congress, Garcia urged voters to head to the polls.

"As much as this election has been a drag on all of us, go out and vote. Today is a celebration of something that brings the majority of people who live in South Florida together. We're either refugees from Cuba, Nicaragua or New York and you're living in Miami. This is the one day you get to say, 'here's where I stand.  Here's what I think,'" said Garcia.

The race between Garcia and Curbelo has been a nasty one with charges of corruption and bowing to special interests.

Their key difference is their stance on the Affordable Care Act which Garcia supports. As for Curbelo, a spokesman for him said he is in favor of repealing Obamacare if it can be replaced with a system that puts patients and doctors first. In the meantime, he is in favor of improving the existing law with reforms like changing the 30-hour work week rule.

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