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Cuban Experts Sound Off On What Biden Sanctions Will Mean For People On The Island

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The Biden administration announced Thursday it is imposing new sanctions against the Cuban regime.

The sanctions target Cuban minister of defense Alvaro Lopez Miera and a government special forces unit known as the Boinas Negras or "black berets."

Will the sanctions help bring about freedom for the Cuban people?

CBS 4 News spoke to Cuba experts on what these sanctions will mean for people on the island.

Pedro Freyre, who is a sought-out advisor on Cuban bilateral relations, says it's a step forward.

"These sanctions are layer focused. You are calling out the individual in charge of the action and the organization," he said.

Many local leaders worry the sanctions will not be taken seriously.

John Suarez, executive director for Center for a Free Cuba said, 'More should have been added to the list. That list needs to expand. Cubans in the island, including Diaz Canel, need to be on that list."

The Biden administration says they are working on providing internet to the Cuban people and restaffing the embassy in Havana to provide consular services to Cubans.

"That will allow the US to have folks on the ground monitoring what is going on and making sure that the Cuban government does not abuse its power."

While Cubans continue to fight for basic human rights, they have no food, no medicine, no freedom.

Suarez says the Biden administration should prioritize feeding people.

"They can't fish or eat their produce. The Biden administration needs to look at the bloc..."

White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the Biden administration condemns mass detentions, sham trials, and disappearances that are attempting to threaten the Cuban people into silence.

"We continue to call for the swift release of peaceful protesters who have unjustly been detained. We've made clear over the last week that addressing this moment was a priority for this administration and for President Biden," Psaki said.


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