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More Videos Filter Out Of Cuba Showing Brutal Repression

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - New videos surfaced Thursday showing brutal repression on demonstrators by the Cuban regime.

On Sunday, Cubans on the island took to the streets demanding freedom.

They marched and demonstrated across the island, taking the regime by surprise.

By Sunday night, police had put down demonstrations in Havana, but they continued in other parts of the island on Tuesday.

They chanted and marched, chanting 'Patria y vida,' (homeland and life).

That chant echoed throughout the island, along with chants of "no tenemos miedo," (We are not afraid).

When regime security forces hit the streets, they were met with stones and sticks.

The marchers were demanding an end to 62 years of a Castro communist regime that has suppressed them from having basic human rights, food, medicine, or liberty.

The Cuban government cut internet service to the island and left many cities and towns without electricity, but some people found a way to still flood social media with video

Cubans on the island who were able to filter videos of the repression are asking for help.

One of those videos shows Cuban police beating a man that was protesting, you hear people screaming in Spanish.

"Do not kill him," as the police walk away, the man lays motionless on the sidewalk.

Since the protest began on Sunday, police have been going into homes and taking teenagers, forcing them to fight against their own people and families.

On one video, a family begs authorities to let the teenager go. Fighting back, he is taken.

In another video, you see young teenagers put in the front lines, blocking protesters.

Cubans are saying, "don't be afraid." You hear them saying in Spanish, "libérate yourself."

A woman who just arrived in Miami from Cuba said, "It's really bad, but we are hopeful for any sort of help, because there is too much suffering. No medicine, no food. Everyone is in the streets. We need some protection and people need to continue to protest."

And while Cuba remains in the streets, so does Miami.

Protests continued in South Florida on Thursday in support for those demanding change on the island.

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