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Croc Boom At Turkey Point Boosts Species

HOMESTEAD (CBS4) - Once on the endangered species list, the American crocodile has flourished in a most unlikely place.

In the shadow of a nuclear power plant.

The plant, FPL's Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant uses over 150 miles of man made canals to help cool the atomic fueled operation.

But there are no two headed toads or three eyed Ibises in this non radioactive water loop, instead there are plenty of crocodiles.

The canals act as a natural habitat and because the site is on FPL land, rarely sees human activity.

That's where Bob Bertelson and Mario Aldecoa come in.  They work for FPL's Land Utilization unit monitoring the ground water and wildlife on the sprawling property.

Bertelson says he's seen a ten fold increase in the number of croc in the last 20 years.

A pleasant surprise for the reptile loving biologist who says, "Do not turn your back on a croc, they are unpredictable."

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