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Crime Scene Investigator Begins Day 3 Testimony In Bravo Trial

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Testimony resumed Thursday in the murder trial of 20-year-old Pedro Bravo.

Day three of the murder trial focused on physical evidence along with testimony from witnesses.

The first witness to take the stand Thursday was Mark Trahan, a Gainesville Police Department Crime Scene Investigator.

Trahan told the courtroom, he found traces of blood on the bottom of a paint can and a shoe insole from inside Pedro Bravo's car.

"The stain is right next to the number on the can. What I did was swab the larger of the two stains and left the other one intact in case I wanted to do another collection," said Trahan.

Bravo is accused of strangling 18-year-old University of Florida Student Christian Aguilar in September 2012 because of his obsession with his former girlfriend Erika Friman.

Trahan added the shovel Pedro Bravo bought to bury Aguilar was found under a boardwalk in Spyglass Apartments.

The second witness of the day was Gainesville Police Sergeant Greg Aramagost followed by a Lowe's Home Improvement employee and a Walmart employee.

Prosecutors also played security footage from Walmart and Lowes appearing to show Aguilar purchasing the shovel, and other items, including the knife.

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Also, Dr. Enrique Gallo, Aguilar's orthodontist was in court to say he provided the dental records to identify Aguilar's remains.

A receipt for ZZZquil and a knife were presented to the court.

Prosecutors also brought out a receipt from Best Buy- showing Aguilar had bought a Kanye West CD there, the afternoon he disappeared.

The state also showed video stills showing an SUV similar to Bravo's coming in and out of his apartment complex multiple times around one o'clock the next morning- after Aguilar vanished.

On Wednesday, Erika Friman testified Aguilar had concerns about meeting her ex-boyfriend.

Friman told the courtroom she was shocked when Bravo moved to Gainesville from Miami and lied to him about dating Aguilar so she didn't "push him over the edge."

According to Friman, she assisted with arranging a meeting between Aguilar and Bravo so that Aguilar could help Bravo work through depression.

Friman and Aguilar had plans later that night for dinner, but he never showed.

Aguilar's body was found in October 2012.

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